Why BB-Gateway?

For the first time ever, you can access The Blue Book Network's database, complete with pertinent, up to date and accurate information on qualified companies nationwide (in over 560 industry classifications!) Never before has
The Blue Book Network made its industry leading database available for use outside of its own workflow solutions!

Unlike any other service, BB-Gateway provides you with the ‘Business Intelligence’ you need to quickly review companies for the information that is critical to making the right hiring and buying decisions for your projects. BB-Gateway’s flexibility will allow you to then quickly compile and save a list of companies to send messages and business communications - using your OWN messaging application!

Plus – BB-Gateway was developed and is supported by The Blue Book Building and Construction Network, now celebrating 100 years of serving the commercial construction industry! With access to the industry’s premier database for who to message, the flexibility of how to message and the reliability and support of an industry leader, the question is…why NOT BB-Gateway?