Frequently asked Questions:

What is BB-Gateway®

BB-Gateway, developed by The Blue Book Building and Construction Network, is an internet based application that enables construction professionals to export data from our extensive database of North American construction companies from over 560 industry classifications..

Do I need to install software to use BB-Gateway?

NO. BB-Gateway is a web-service that can be run on any web-browser, requires no training and no software application downloads or installations.

What does it cost to use BB-Gateway?

BB-Gateway is a free to use service – no charge, no fees, no cost!

What type of data and files does BB-Gateway export?

BB-Gateway outputs a contact list in Comma Separated Values (CSV) formats. The data fields in the CSV file include Name, Company, City/State/Zip, Email, Phone, Classifications, Website and Blue Book ID Number.

Why doesn't my downloaded data include all the data-fields I see on screen?

Certain fields and data values are retained by The Blue Book Network to maintain security and privacy for the user. If there is a specific data field you desire, that is not currently included, please contact us directly as we may be able to develop a custom solution for you.

Into which software programs can I import my BB-Gateway data?

Currently, BB-Gateway data files can be imported in MS Outlook or Gmail as contact lists. We are in discussion with a number of other software providers and intend to extend our output capabilities to include a wide range of options. If there is a specific file/data format you desire, please contact us directly as we may be able to develop a custom solution for you.

Why do I need to be registered to use BB-Gateway?

BB-Gateway requires you to register so that we may ensure the data and messaging are used for Construction Communication and valid business purposes. Registering to use BB-Gateway is easy. In most cases we can find your information with your company fax number and get you setup in minutes!

How does The Blue Book Network collect the data I find in BB-Gateway?

For 100 years, The Blue Book Network has gathered information in an effort to connect the industry. Company information is collected from industry associations, sales and marketing activities and through self-contribution from companies looking to get exposure in our Network. All information is continuously verified and updated. If you find information that you believe to be erroneous, please contact us so we can fix any issues or explain why our data may vary from yours.

What type of messages am I allowed to send using BB-Gateway?

BB-Gateway was developed to connect buyers of construction services with providers of those services. Message campaigns that relate to that business purpose are supported and encouraged. Campaigns and messages that are not a regular part of business communication between construction professionals will be flagged as inappropriate; when this occurs The Blue Book Network Support team may contact you to better understand your needs and propose an alternative solution.

What happens to files I attach to my messages when sent to BB-Gateway email addresses?

These files are placed on a secure Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud storage server and replaced in the email with a link to the attachment. Only the recipient of the email will be able to access/download the file which was attached to the original email.

What information does The Blue Book Network collect from me when I use BB-Gateway?

We collect personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information in a number of ways, including tracking your activities through your IP address. Our servers typically log your IP address when you request a page from the website. We also log such information as your resolution settings, browser information, platform type, and more. This is best explained in The Blue Book Privacy Statement.

Can I give the BB-Gateway output file to someone else to use?

No and Yes.

No: The data in the output file has been matched with your specific login credentials. If you give the file to another person and they attempt to send messages using a different email address than yours, those email messages will not be delivered.

Yes: However, if your business situation requires the data to be shared within your company (one person outputs data but others send messages with that data), please contact us so we can customize the service to meet this need.