Introducing BB-Gateway, now providing open access to the construction industry’s premier database – and the flexibility to work within your application to deliver your message, your way!

For the first time ever, The Blue Book Network Database – complete with the ‘Business Intelligence’ required to enable smart decision-making – is available how, where and when you want it.

BB-Gateway enables Owners, Property Managers, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Government Agencies to build a custom list of companies and communicate their messages easily and securely using their own messaging applications – including Yardi, Primavera, Maximo or even Outlook, Excel and Gmail!

All messages MUST be business-oriented and central to bidding and procurement transactions.

With over 50,000 database updates daily, BB-Gateway provides you with the most current and accurate information available. Plus, BB-Gateway is built in a private cloud with anti-virus/anti-spam features and provides detailed reports on deliverability and open rates. BB-Gateway is the smartest and most secure way to send your message, your way to an unparalleled national database of qualified:

General Contractors

Harness the power of The Blue Book Network – open up BB-Gateway and connect your message, your way!